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Maiya Katherine

Heal your heart back to joy.



Find Your Inner Light and Heal

An auto accident proved to be one young woman’s catalyst for overcoming self-destructive behavioral issues caused by the abuse and trauma she experienced as a child – issues that had been ruining her life. After realizing that her demons were created as coping mechanisms to keep her safe, she tapped into inner light and joy to heal the demons and her heart.

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The Book

“This book is very relatable, especially among those who have been victims of childhood trauma. The words used are very touching. Her story offers guidance to a journey of healthy healing.” 

Manouchka Tulia Joseph M.D.

Praise & Reviews


Monique Smith Andrews, Founder and CEO of Mo’Hair Foundation, community leader, business owner, philanthropist


“I’ve learned that a great many people are burdened by the skeletons in their closets. This book can inspire them all to heal their old emotional wounds.”

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About Maiya Katherine

Maiya Katherine always knew she had a calling. She was always able to discern when people around her were in emotional turmoil. It would take years of hardships, mistakes, self-love and self-discovery for her to start healing her own emotional wounds and begin living life on her terms. As people around her continuously praised her wisdom and healing messages, she started thinking about sharing those gifts with the world. Her intention in life is to let the Universe use her to help others achieve emotional healing and come back to the joy and light within themselves.


“I write for anyone whose emotional wounds have not healed and for those, like me, who have to decide every day to let their light shine. My journey shows that healing, and even joy and peace, are possible after hardships.” – Maiya Katherine

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